Jessica`s view about marriage(转自萱岛奇缘)

"There is no absolute equality between men and women in any age.Asian men are often a bit chauvinist.In my life,I don`t want to depend on men.I want to be financially in dependent",Jessica Husan expressed her view about marriage. 

-You bought a new apartment recently? 

-I was very happy to get out of renting houses.My new home is not a large villa.It is only a two-floor house,looking onto the sea,with a small garden.It is a pity that it is not very large,if there are some more rooms,my parents could move here to live with me.Afer a hard day`s work,I feel very comfortable when I get home. 

-In2003,your income only came second to Louis Koo.What is your secret to success? 

-To ean money,I had to work really hard.Some advertisements lasting only 20seconds,but they took me several days to finish.Once,I was acting for an advertisement.The electric fan blew so hard that I could not open my eyes,at the same time,the light studio was also too bright.I fainted and was hospitalized. 

Acting in series is even harder.In hot summer,I must put on thick clothes, riding horses and fighting at the same time with suords in the burning sun,I have to speak emotion,long,elaborate dialogues,while I am really exhausted.Sometimes,the horses are not cooperative,there is too much hardship to tell. 

-Is acting in China more difficult than in HongKong? 

-It`s the same.In2003,I went to China for series The Chinese Ghost Story.There were a lot of martial scenes.Luckily,the martial choreographers pointed out carefully what I should do,so I just followed their instructions,I was not afraid of the action scenes,just of the sun.The sun-screen cream did not help much. 

But I also had unforgetable memories in the serises.My manager was worried that I might be sad,because I was not used to the new enviroment.She prepared 40small giftsfor me,each gift for each day.I will never forget that. 

-If there was a third person in your life,what would you do? 

-I am a faithful person.Once I am in love,I hope to live until the end of my life with him,and I won`t accpet the appearance of a third person unless I don`t know about that all my life.But if I discover he has someone else,however deep my love is,I will leave my beloved.In love,mutual respect and trust are very important.Without them,everything is lost. 

-What do you think about your love scandals in the past? 

-Rumours gave me a lot of trouble.Now I already have a boyfriend.I made public my love ,because our love life is now quite stable.I hope to have a small and happy famliy,like my parents` in the future.When we have free time,we could travel together and enjoy happiness in life. 

I had many opportunities to wear wedding dresses in series,but I felt nothing special.My feeling in my wedding Iwill be different.After getting married,I hope to have two children,a boy and a girl. 



Jessica`s view about marriage(中文翻译) 

作者: 最爱古宣1982 附我做的中文翻译(不足之处,请多多指教) 

"无论在哪个年龄段,在男性和女性之间根本不会有完全的平等.亚洲的男性就常常会有一点沙文主义.在我的生活中,我不想依靠男人,我想要经济独立",Jessica Husan表达了她对婚姻的观点. 



-2003年,你的收入仅次于Louis Koo,排第二.你成功的秘诀是什么?